Why should you Register as a Seller on VenderCentral?

VenderCentral is one of the latest growing e-Commerce websites in the Caribbean and in Trinidad & Tobago and recently became the biggest online retailer in the Caribbean Strip. Based on the concept of “Pay As You Grow” this e-commerce sector launched in 2017, and became the highest growing business online.
Being a VenderCentral seller helps you reduce your cost and improve the profitability of your business. There are a few things to remember before you register as given below;

  • Decide what you want to sell – Even though selling your products looks simple, it is not. You must have a clear-cut idea of what you actually want to sell as there is a wide range of product categories open to all the sellers.
  • Choose a selling plan – There are two types of plan to choose from, decide a proper plan accordingly and start selling.
  • List your products – Once you’re registered then all you have to do is list your products and start selling.

How to Register as a Seller on VenderCentral?

You can easily become a registered VenderCentral seller by following the given steps:

Step 1: Based on the concept of “Badalti soch”, VenderCentral now helps its seller to reach out to customer in Trinidad & Tobago without having to move to new city location to invest money to open new stores, once when you’re sure about what you actually want to sell to register yourself.

Step 2: Fill out the details and create your VenderCentral seller  account providing basic information about the business entity, address, telephone number and bank account details.


What are the documents required to register?

In addition to the basic details and documents provided, the seller also has to furnish several other details depending upon the type of business he opts;

Documents Required in case of Individual or a Proprietor

In case the seller wants to sells the products in his own name, the business will automatically be declared to be a sole proprietorship business. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages in case of a sole proprietor as the liability is unlimited and the promoter gets no protection against the same. Upon that it is not easily transferrable and cannot have investors and partners. The sole proprietor needs to submit the following documents;

  • Passport of the proprietor, Voter’s ID Card/ Driving License
  • A declaration by the proprietor declaring that the business account is operated by himself.
  • Bank Account Statement
  • Telephone bill/ Electricity bill pertaining to the proprietor or Rental of Property a letter of Authorization / Consent from landlord.

Documents Required in case of LLC or a Partnership

It is better to start as an LLC or Partnership as the liability is limited and easily transferable. The documents required are as follows;

  • Partnership or LLC Registration Certificate of Incorporation
  • Partnership Deed / Agreement
  • Power of Attorney granted to a partner or an employee of the firm to transact the business
  • Document validating the address of the partners and the person holding the power of attorney
  • Lease or Rental Agreement
  • VAT Registration Certificate or Number.
  • Firm’s or partner’s Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill

Documents Required in case of Private Limited Company

The most preferred form for seller registration is as Primate limited company, as it has the ability to take on investors and scale up the operations in future. The following documents need to be furnished;

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Company’s Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill
  • Lease or Rental Agreement
  • VAT Registration Certificate or Number

How it Actually Works?

The working mechanism is fairly simple and interesting.

Step 1: Set up your store on VenderCentral-

  • The very first step is to register yourself as discussed above.
  • Secondly list your products in one of the various categories available to you.
  • You would be given your own Seller Dashboard to create your product catalog.
  • The seller also has an option to make his products stand out by advertising those using Quality Photograph of the Products.

Step 2: Receive orders from customer-

  • Once your product is listed it will be visible to all the customers who access the website or when the store goes live.
  • The customer can then place the order and once the order is placed the seller can view and manage the same using Order Management Dashboard in their account.

Step 3: VenderCentral Delivery options –

  • Once the customer places the order, VenderCentral picks the products from the seller and delivers it straight to the customer.
  • The Store or Business will have the option to deliver the package to the customers door directly.
  • The seller gets access to VenderCentral easy ship where he can sit back and relax and let VCL do the work for you.

Step 4: Receive Payment from VenderCentral –

  • VenderCentral ensure safe and timely payments. The amount gets deposited into the sellers account within 15 days. According to the VenderCentral policy the fees get deducted only after actual sale is made.

Step 5: Grow your business –

  • VenderCentral helps in growing your business by providing various suggestions and customized tips in order to boost your performance and earn higher profits.
  • The seller can track his performance through personalized performance dashboards and customized reports.
  • The seller has 24/7 access to helpline number in order to solve all the queries.

Step 6: Expand Globally –

  • VenderCentral also helps to grow and expand globally and access to international markets by means of shipping your product across the Caribbean seas.

Sell your Products Online.

The seller has the access to sell his products either;

  1. Across Trinidad and the Caribbean –The seller can reach out to 1000’s of customers in Trinidad and Tobago and sell their products.
  2. Regionally- The seller also has the access to sell his products across the region and attract customers across the caribbean borders.
  3. Locally in your city- In case the seller doesn’t have VAT registration the seller can still sell his products across the country.

What are the Benefits of being an VenderCentral Seller?

Selling on VenderCentral helps you grow your business and earn higher profits. There are a number of benefits availed by the seller explained as follows:

  • Thousands of customers across the Country and the Caribbean – Gone are those days when you had to invest a lot to sell your products, after being an VenderCentral seller you can sell your products across the country and the caribbean seas to thousands of customers.
  • Fast and Stress-free shipping – The seller just has to sit back and relax as VenderCentral take cares of the shipping making it effortless, so that you focus on your business.
  • Hassle-free payments – The payment system is quite secure and timely.
  • Pay when you sell – There are no fixed costs for anything, you can pay when you sell as the pricing is fairly effective.
  • Professional services – Last but not the least, there are professional experts who help and assist you via “WHATSAPP” whenever you sell your product.

What is the Pricing Structure?

The pricing structure of VenderCentral is simple and it comprises of three components;

  1. Fixed Global fee is 15%
  2. Delivery fee starting $7.35 per item delivered locally.
  3. VAT on above

For example: In case you’re selling Laptop at a product price of $700 USD, and cost price of $400 USD ,then the GLOBAL FEE will be calculated @ 15% of $700 USD i.e. $105 USD and the shipping fee depending upon the weight per say, if the laptop is 5 lbs, shipping fee will be $37.50 USD.


Product Price:              $700 

Global Fee:                 @   15 %



Total Cost:                    $142.50 USD
VAT:                             x     12.50 %



Thus, VCL profit comes to $160.31 USD

Note: Each product category percent fee will differ Based on the Sellers product selling choice.


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